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Heartbeat Hot Sauce

Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co. was founded in 2015. After years of hot sauce obsession, we decided to stop purchasing and start cooking! Being in the restaurant industry we had been working with a local pepper farmer for several years (Chris Paulusma), who at the end of one season, sold us the remainder of his peppers. After months of experimenting with different varieties, we developed a recipe using what had become our favourite pepper: the Red Habanero. Shortly after selling to friends and industry peers, we realised we had something truly addictive and decided to start this company.

Our goal is to get Heartbeat Hot Sauce in to as many hands as possible, while maintaining our small batch process. Our peppers are fermented using traditional methods before being cooked with a few simple, high quality ingredients. We add no water, thickening agents or chemical preservatives of any kind making our sauce as natural as it gets. The result is an incredibly bright, balanced and slightly sweet sauce that truly goes well with anything that needs some heat, enjoy!