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Angry Goat Pepper Company

So, here is a little about us.  

After working in the corporate world, in transportation, food manufacturing, and print industry, I had enough of the corporate politics.  We already had a small hobby farm, so I decided to explore the local farmers markets and try to make some extra income from the farm.  We were raising your typical fair, chickens and eggs, and then we decided to expand into goat meat.  The goat meat helped get us better known locally, but I knew we were missing some value added products, and nobody at the local markets had anything spicy. 

My wife and I honeymooned in Bermuda and met some street vendors that were selling pepper jellies.  I had never heard of such a thing, but I was instantly hooked, considering in college, my buddies and I would consistently challenge each other with the hottest wings at the local wing joint.  A few summers after our honeymoon, I had extra peppers from our garden, so I decided to make some pepper jam.  It seemed to be a hit with friends, but it never went further than that, until we started at farmers markets.

So, originally we started making pepper jams as a value added product to compliment our meats and other farm fare.  We started with three flavors, and soon expanded into 6 flavors.  We soon realized that the spicy industry is where we needed to be.  We have since greatly reduced the number of head we have on our farm, and have gone to a commercial kitchen, renting time in a local restaurant in their off hours.

In August 2016, we signed a lease on our current location, allowing us to have our own commercial kitchen space, dedicated to our enterprise, and additional space for a retail space.  In December 2016, we opened a small retail shop that showcases our products, along with many other small batch, spicy products.

September 2017, we launched our Parker's Gourmet brand.  The idea behind this brand is to bring an upscale version of our sauces and other goods to more of a commercial market.  This line will eventually have 5+ hot sauces, a few BBQ Sauce flavors, and a few mustard flavors.

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