Seed Ranch Flavor Co - Umami

Seed Ranch Flavor Co - Umami


Umami, the fifth taste, translates as a “pleasant, savoury flavour” and Seed Ranch Flavor Co has done a fantastic job at bottling the savoury goodness. Umami sauce is a mild, earthy, rich sauce that is perfect for cooking, marinating, grilling, and dousing. Featuring porcini mushrooms, capers, and kelp fronds, the Umami makes everyday meals easy and extraordinary. This sauce right here is a secret weapon in the kitchen, and you won’t believe how much this will change your cooking.

Heat Level: 🌶 Mild

Ingredients: soy sauce, water, olive oil, tomato paste, capers, dried olives, dried porcini mushroom, dried shiitake mushroom, seaweed, garlic, red miso, balsamic vinegar, chipotle, carrot, date, sesame oil, cumin.

Size: 150ml (5 oz)

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