Humble House - Habanero & Aji Amarillo

Humble House - Habanero & Aji Amarillo


A vibrant fruity and zesty hot sauce from Humble House made with all natural and exotic ingredients such as dried mango papaya, and Peruvian Aji Amarillo chiles. The mango and papaya accentuate the Habanero fruitiness with a mild heat on the finish. Delicious on Mac and Cheese, Fruit Salad and Ceviche, plus it’s also free of preservatives so don’t hold back.

Heat Level: 🌶 Mild

Ingredients: chile fruit paste (aji amarillo, golden raisins, dried mango, dried papaya, habaneros) apple cider vinegar, cane sugar, kosher salt.

Size: 274ml (9.7 oz)

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