Damn Good Sauce - Smoky Sweet

Damn Good Sauce - Smoky Sweet


A Kansas City style sauce with a distinct smokiness. Brown sugar and authentic Canadian maple syrup brings the sweetness. Hickory smokiness with a perfect blend of herbs, spices and vinegar balances and creates depth of well rounded flavour.

A semi-thick consistency allows our Smoky Sweet sauce to easily pour and hold to cooked or uncooked meat. Perfect for basting, dipping and marinading.

Heat Level: 🌶 Mild

Ingredients: raisins, orange juice, worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, maple syrup, tomato paste, onions, diced tomatoes, malt vinegar, hickory smoke, seeded mustard, unsalted butter, salt, garlic, smoked paprika, cloves, cayenne pepper, oregano, anchovy.

Size: 350ml (11.8 oz)

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