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Sydney, New South Wales AUSTRALIA


DangerMates Chilli draws on the complexities of chilli to deliver sustainable, nutrient-rich food products that connect people with unexpected flavours. The core products are a range of chilli sauces, which focus on flavour rather than heat, currently produced on a small scale. Their goal is to establish these products more sustainably before expanding with additional products.

DangerMates Chilli has been trialling various methods of natural fermentation to produce a chilli sauce that packs a punch not just in flavour and heat, but also in nutrients.

Chillies are already known for their high Vitamin C content, and DangerMates thinks that this can be enhanced using specific production techniques.

Another aspect DangerMates have been looking into is sustainable production, whether that is organising a reused bottle scheme, where people trade in their used bottles for a refill to reduce our carbon footprint. Or looking into using biodegradable packaging to help reduce landfill and make our product more environmentally friendly. DangerMates Chilli aims to be at the forefront of flavour and environmental sustainability.


Dangermates - Almost Death
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Dangermates - Almost Death
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