Melbourne Chilli Eating Championship 2019

Melbourne Chilli Eating Championship Banner

Today I headed down to check out the Melbourne Chilli Eating Championship event in Brunswick held at the iconic B.East. This has always been such a great event thanks to the team at Melbourne Hot Sauce so I was really looking forward to spending a few hours down here to check out the action.

I arrived at around 2pm, just before the competitors took to the stage, 24 in total all competing for the crown of the 2019 Chilli eating champ. I’ve been to the B.East a few times in the past, but I’ve never seen it this busy, It was packed! It was so amazing to see so many people come out to support this event, but the venue layout isn’t the best for when its this busy and made it pretty much impossible to get food/drinks/use restroom..

Because of how packed the crowd was I couldn’t get near the front to actually see what was going on, but the crowd was full of excitement as each contestant moved through the heat levels of the chillies. Check out some live footage taken from Channel Ten’s The Project’ who was covering the event live.

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One thing I did manage to achieve for the day was pick up a bottle of the Melbourne Hot Sauce limited edition Reaper sauce they made for the event. At 75% POP this sauce isn’t to be messed with, and only 150 bottles made I was glad I managed to pick one up. I also picked up a competition T-Shirt cos I’m a sucker for branded t-shirts and I like to support the scene where I can.

Melbourne Hot Sauce | Melbourne Chilli Eating Championship 2019

Unfortunately I don’t really have much more to report from the day, I was only there for an hour because I got hungry and thirsty and there was no chance I could get through the crowd to order. As much as The B.East has been a great home for this event, I think it might have out grown it if this is a indication of the numbers coming through.

Congratulations to everyone that was involved in running a successful event, hopefully next year I can take it in a bit more and try some of the spicy food on offer as it looked great!