Sauce Maker Spotlight #7



Melbourne, Victoria AUSTRALIA

Damn Good Sauce is an Australian family owned business helmed by two passionate BBQ lovers. During a visit to America, a friend introduced them to one of his favourite BBQ sauces. Blown away by its complexity and depth of flavour, they set out to make our own. Taking their love of all things BBQ and drawing on previous experiences of creating relishes and chutneys, Damn Good Sauce began crafting something new. After many nights, batches, beers and BBQs testing out creations, they finally had something special. The response after giving them to friends was often the same. "Damn, that’s good."

Handcrafted in small batches, all their products contain no water, thickeners, additives or preservatives – just fresh, natural ingredients to bring out the best in your BBQ.

Damn Good Sauce products available at Mat’s Hot Shop on March 1st, 2019