Sauce Maker Spotlight #5



Melbourne, Victoria AUSTRALIA

Using Australian grown produce, Changz creates handcrafted hot sauce suitable for all foodie affairs. Changz aims to deliver the very highest quality product each and every time, and they understand that process consistency is vital in doing so. Their sauce is carefully prepared with love by two mates in their very own commercial kitchen space, Changz Canteen, using high-quality equipment in a very controlled environment.

Changz cooking methods and recipes are followed strictly to ensure our products hit the shelves with minimal difference between the 300 to 400 small bottle batches they cook & package by hand in bayside Melbourne. They keep their sauce honest and full of flavour holding the perfect balance between complex flavour profile, sauce consistency & heat presence.

Changz launched their Hot Sauce business in 2013 & shortly after in 2015 opened their flagship restaurant, Changz Canteen (currently known as Smoke & Pickles).


Changz Hot Sauce products available at Mat’s Hot Shop on March 1st, 2019