Sauce Maker Spotlight #23

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The Bronx, New York USA

Small Axe Peppers Hot Sauce is made with peppers grown in community gardens throughout The United States. They source their peppers from gardens at premium prices so gardens can earn income to support themselves and the maintenance of their gardens.

In the spring, with the help of local non-profits, Small Axe distributes pepper seeds and seedlings to participating gardens free of charge. Throughout the growing season, the gardens harvest, and they collect their pepper crop. Small Axe uses these peppers in their hot sauces, according to recipes developed by Culinary Institute of America graduate Chef King Phojonakong.

Each bottle of Small Axe Peppers Hot Sauce purchased directly supports the community gardens which grow these peppers.


Small Axe Peppers products available at Mat’s Hot Shop on March 1st, 2019