Sauce Maker Spotlight #22



Boulder, Colorado USA

Seed Ranch Flavor Co from Boulder, Colorado believes that honest, clean, and sophisticated flavours shouldn't only be for special occasions.

They hand select fresh, quality ingredients from farms around the world. With these ingredients, they blend, stir, and simmer every sauce to perfection. Seed Ranch produces the most beautiful flavours to make everyday meals extraordinary.

Seed Ranch's hot sauces are not just for adding to food...they are the base for delicious recipes. From avocado toasts to pasta sauce, to roasted potatoes, and marinades, they have an inspirational flavour for your next kitchen adventure. Their sauces are for dowsing, grilling, sautéing, dressing, marinating, and (so they’ve been told) even drinking.


Seed Ranch Flavor Co products available at Mat’s Hot Shop on March 1st, 2019