Sauce Maker Spotlight #2



Houston, Texas USA

Bravado Spice Co is a Houston based hot sauce company that focuses on big, bold flavours with unusual combinations. Their sauce flavours are just at home with Tex-Mex tacos as they are with East Texas crawfish, and have been rated best hot sauce in Texas by no less than Bon Appetit magazine. Texas is more than just cowboys and Tex-Mex food. It's also the hippies in Austin, the Hill Country Germans and Czechs, the Vietnamese immigrants in Houston, and the East Texas swamps. Bravado feels they have created a line of products that can represent all of it.

Since their inception, Bravado Spice Co has focused on clear, concise, beautiful packaging and doesn't use gimmicks; they believe when you make a beautiful, delicious product, it should be able to do most of the talking for you.


Bravado Spice Co products available at Mat’s Hot Shop on March 1st, 2019