Asian Style Gift Pack

Asian Style Gift Pack



Spicy food isn’t uncommon throughout Asia, with many of their popular dishes displayed with a word of warning. With the likes of Sriracha, the creation of the Ghost Pepper and a wide variety of dipping sauces, Asian style hot sauce is a perfect way to put some spice across your meals.

Seed Ranch Flavor Co - Thai Green

Heat Level: 🌶🌶 Medium

Another crowd pleaser here from Seed Ranch Flavor Co, they know how to make beautiful products full of flavour. The Thai Green sauce is a mild-medium citrusy recipe packed full of unique flavours like lemongrass, Thai ginger, coriander and basil. Give this one a go on avocado, meats and as a tasty marinade and cooking tool.

Butterfly Bakery of VT - Maple Sugar Shack Sriracha

Heat Level: 🌶🌶 Medium

Butterfly Bakery out of Vermont presents their inventive take on the classic Sriracha genre of sauce. This Garlicky maple sweet heat contains some spectacular red jalapeños, organic garlic scapes (think green onions but from a garlic plant) and pure Vermont maple syrup.

Clark + Hopkins - Laos

Heat Level: 🌶🌶🌶 Hot

Inspired by Laos, home of some of the hottest cuisine in the world, this Clark and Hopkins sauce isn’t for the faint at heart. The electric heat comes from bird’s eye chillies and Habaneros, while the lemongrass and ginger bring a brightness to the sauce. The addition of dried shrimp brings seafood umami which enhances the heat and acidity of the sauce, perfect in stir-fries.

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